Colorblock/Striped Scarf

I am fairly new to knitting, so please forgive me if this question seems a little basic. I would like to knit a scarf using like the one Rachel Ray is wearing on the November 2007 issue of her magazine:

I want the scarf to look very neatly knit, and to me, a garter stitch just doesn’t do it. A stockinette stitch is the look I’m going for, but I know that will make the scarf curl. Any suggestions?

:happydance: Welcome to KH and the wonderful addiction of knitting!!

Yeah, St st would make it curl…you could cast on enough to knit in the round a long tube…then sew up the ends… double knittingmight work too :thumbsup: …you could also add an edging to help it from curling…

That’s a very cute scarf!

After looking at the scarf in the pic, that was done in the round. I have done a couple scarves in the round and sew the beginning end together and steam blocking, that usually solved the curling at the beginning end.


That perticular scarf actually looks like it is knit stockinette and is curling in on itself…

If you don’t like the curl, as suggested you could just knit it in the round, making a long tube scarf.

Or you could add a garter stitch border on either side. 3 or 4 stitches could be enough to make it lay flat.