Color work

My curcurrent project and my first time doing color work in knitting


That looks very pretty. What are you making and are you deliberately using twisted stitches throughout?

That sock looks lovely. The stitches are very uniform. If the twists are unintentional just test the fit and keep going if you like it. :+1:

Here is a sample of stockinette and also with left and right twists.

Here is a discussion of twisted stitches and likely causes.

What are twisted stitches.


That’s interesting, Jack. I know of two ways to twist, knitting into the back of a stitch or wrapping the yarn clockwise around the needle. Never thought about right or left twists. Thanks for the photo.

Very nice!
Colour and double pointed needles…it all looks so difficult!

I like the additional texture of twisted stitches but never done it myself.

I just converted the image link to an up load of my screen shot.

One result image calls it Russian
(Not a political or governmental opinion. )