Color wheels

:waving: Everybody,
I don’t remember the exact post & glanced thru & couldn’t find it…BUT, there was a post in which some of ya’ll were discussing color wheels, etc…I just ordered one for $4.00 INCLUDING shipping!! Can you believe?! If you are interested, there are several selections here…enjoy! I’m now quite EXCITED to have something new to look for in the mail :wink: . FYI…I looked all over for one yesterday, in stores…couldn’t find one! But, this will be great :thumbsup:

Could you please tell me how you use it??

It’s used to help pick colors that truly (according to color theory) match and/or contrast to one another so that they will look nice together

The color opposite on the wheel is the contrast color. For example, blue is opposite orange and put together they really make each other pop out. Proximity on the wheel says the two will be complementary.