Color trouble

I’ve nearly finished a patchwork blanket for my nearly 4 month old son, the colors are pastels. Blue, Green, Yellow, and White, heres the trouble. I’ve used these colors to make 12 x 12 squares (similar to tenstion squares) in each color, I intend to place these squares so that no color touches another kind of a patchwork style. Here is the trouble, what color do I use to whip stitch all these squares together with? So far (I’ve only finished the blue and green squares) I’ve got 5 squares of each color. So knowing that I don’t want any same color to touch does anyone have any suggestions. The type of yarn is Lion Brand Yarn Velvet Spun. Thanks.

Have you thought about seaming with mattress stitch? It doesn’t really show. I’ve made a couple of patchwork blankets and this is the approach I took.

If you use whipstich, maybe you could get another hank of yarn of a completely different and neutral color that you could use to combine the squares.

I’ve never attempted the Mattress Stitch will it look ok with a plain knit? I’ve looked at the video should I keep the yarn as fluffy or should I some how remove the fluff?

Do you mean stockinette stitch? Garter stitch is similar, but not exactly the same. This site has a great tutorial on both.

really you have no problem. you really should use the yellow. i have brothers and i did the same thing. i used dark military colors. it turned out great!!!

good luck!!


I haven’t worked with this yarn, but if it is really fuzzy or fluffy, you might want to get some yarn that is smoother and that is not a lot darker than the colors you were using, because that can show through. But otherwise, it doesn’t really matter what color you use, because mattress stitch is invisible.