Color transplant

I’m knitting a multi-colored scarf, and having gotten fairly far along, I’ve decided I don’t like one of the colors. So I’m trying to replace it with a different color.

I’ve already removed the old color, felt-joined the new color to the top of the bottom piece and am knitting it to the length that I want.

Are there any tips you all can offer for when it’s time to join the new color to the bottom of the top color?

PS I’m using wool yarn, all garter stitch, and am knitting the first stitch of each row.

PPS Oops, this should be in questions. If a mod could move the thread?

So I am understanding that you now have two pieces of the scarf that need to be joined somewhere in the middle, right?
I would think that you should have both pieces each on a needle and then graft them together with the kitchener stitch.

If I’m understanding you right you’ll need to use kitchener for garter so it will all blend in.

Here’s a link that explains it kitchener, but more importantly it has info on grafting garter at the bottom.

Ok, I’m trying to set the needles up to do this kitchener stitch, but I seem to be missing a stitch on one of the needles.

I know it’s one of the edges, but I can’t seem to figure out which edge.

I’m further confused because this is the unraveled bottom of a previously knitted part of the scarf, and I don’t know how exact it differs from the top.

Does anyone know of any detailed diagrams that show how the edges of garter stitch work? I can’t seem to find any good ones.