Color stitch pattern

Can you help my mom and I figure out how to duplicate this stitch? It was from a doll’s sweater made by my grandmother years and years ago, and we can’t figure out how it was done.

It was worked from the bottom of the photo to the 1x1 ribbing at the top.

The stitch in question is the horizontal white bar between the two arrows.

Thanks for any help,

A picture would help. :teehee:

I posted a picture…am I the only one who can see it? Strange.

In case I truly AM the only one who can see the picture I posted, here’s a link to the photo.


to me it looks handstitched over the finished sweater. it doesn’t look like that horizontal stitch is knitted in. The white stripes above and below look knitted, but I think the horizontal one is done after.

anyone else?

The stitch is [B]not[/B] worked after the knitting. The white bump the top arrow is pointing to is the top of the stitch that the bottom arrow is pointing to. The pattern is worked from the bottom of the photo up toward the 1X1 ribbing. I am Rebecca’s mom who can’t figure it out. I know it can’t be too hard and that I am just not seeing the easy answer which is probably as plain as the nose on my face. I am hoping some of you knitting gurus will come up with it.
Ann B

It’s possible that the white yarn is carried in the front of some of the red slipped stitches and in back of alternating slipped stitches.

See a similar effect here.

Good idea, but that isn’t it either. We have already tried that. The bump at the top arrow and the V at the bottom arrow are the same stitch. Arrrrkkkkk! Why can’t I figure this out?!! AnnB

hmmmm… my only other thought would be duplicate stitch, but you stated that it wasn’t worked in afterward.

Share a photo of the back and perhaps someone will recognize how it was done.

[COLOR=Red][B]TA DA!!! [/B][/COLOR]I told you that it was probably as plain as the nose on my face. I finally worked it out. Who says being stubborn doesn’t pay off? :lol:

Stockinette MC (main color) till you want the pattern, ending after you have finished a right side row. Then work your 6 row pattern as follows:

Row 1: Purl row with CC (contrasting color, ie, white)

Row 2: K row with CC

Row 3: P1(MC) P1(CC) Repeat across row.

Row 4: K1,P1 with Main color Repeat across row.
[B]Important:[/B] Make sure that your Purl stitches are [B]above [/B]the CC stitch in the previous row. This is what gives the little white ‘dash’ in the pattern.

Row 5: Purl row with CC

Row 6: Knit row with CC

Now you can finish up your stockinette or K1, P1 rib or whatever you like.

Many thanks to those of you who tried to help us figure this silly thing out.
Happy Knitting, Ann B.