Color "steps" in striped knits in the round

I was listening to the Knitpicks podcast today and they had a question about those “step ups” you get when you are doing striped knitting in the round (like in a bag or hat). It’s always bothered me too, but they had a solution and I didn’t understand it. It’s apparently Meg Swanson’s idea, but it was something about knitting two stitches together, but to me, it seems if you do that, you’d lose a stitch every color change which doesn’t make sense. Unless you’re knitting the stitch below??? Does anyone know what I’m talking about or have a better explanation or solution? I’m in the midst of making winter hats and mittens and would like to avoid that this year if I can! Thanks! You guys are great for this stuff!

Another name for this technique is “jogless” stripes. You can get a better explanation with pictures at I used this technique on a hat last winter and it turned out great! Good luck and hope this helps.


I too use this tech all the time…knit with the new color as usual, the trick is on the next round, pick up the st below the first st and place the picked up st with the st on the needle,(left needle) knit those two tog…:hug: and continue on…


I use the jogless jog all the time for stripes. It works great!

Another hint for stripes in hats… if you are doing ribbed hats knit one round even w/o the purls and you won’t get that color bump change the purled sections. then continue normally on the next rows. You’ll never notice that one knit row when it’s done. You’ll still need to use the jogless jog on the second row btw.