Color me BLONDE!

Sorry no offense

But what in the world does WOTA stand for? I know it’s a type of yarn. Or so I’m gathering. I’m ASSuming it’s a wool since I see it referenced to the Booga Bags. Whre can I find it? I wanna make a bag. Do ‘most’ LYS carry it?

I’m heading for a VERY LONG weekend to the water with the IL’s in their new UNFURNISHED, NO cable, NO internet house. I need a good project. Maybe the booga is not a good idea as I will most likely will need to come here and get HELP with it.


You’re not blonde… I wondered the same thing when I joined and I’m a bottle redhead! :roflhard:

Anyway, WOTA stands for Wool of the Andes, and it’s a very inexpensive feltable wool. To the best of my knowledge it’s only available through

WOTA is Wool of the Andes and can be found at (if you use the banner ad on this site to get there amy gets a kick back! :wink: )

WOTA is Wool of the Andes from knitpicks. You can only get it there, but the shipping has been quick in my experience and it’s great, cheap yarn! I’ve made all of my clogs and two lopi totes out of it. They also have other yarns as well. Give 'em a go!

:rollseyes: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, no more blonde jokes!
Amy triple-checks her spelling, so as not to prove the point.

LOL, I’d managed to spell triple as tripple, and prove as proove. Thank goodness for spellcheckers! [/size] :shifty:

Ok, :inlove: Let the obsession begin. :inlove:

Just as I was adding skeins to my “cart” Steven wakes in. I had to trim some back. I havne’t ordered yet, but by the end of the night I will be a WOTA virgin no more. :happydance:

Hey Michelle, the booga bag is a piece of cake. Just make a rectangle, pick up stitches in round and then knit knit knit knit knit in circles until it is the right size then felt it down. If I were going somewhere that didn’t have cable or internet I would most likely take something stimulating - something with cables or stitches that require me to keep count. “knit knit knit” is for television viewing. :roflhard:

I’m too new at this.

Good thing I got the S&B books for Christmas.

I think I’ll hit the library tomorrow to see what they have as well.