Color impressions

I’d like to knit myself a shawl to wear on the outside of my winter coat to help keep my back warm, and I’ll probably wear it throughout the year as well (in spring and fall when it’s cooler, and in the summer if I get cold in air conditioning). I know I’d like it to be blue, but I’m having the hardest time deciding what shade of blue!

I think the heathered yarns are very pretty…they have a nice depth to them, but I heard once that darker colors are generally considered more “dressy”. Does anybody find that to be true? I’ve been perusing Knit Picks’ yarns, and I’ve found myself generally gravitating towards the darker shades of blue anyway, but I’m wondering…which will give me the greater versatility–the heathered yarns, or the plain dyed shades?

If it helps to see an image of the pattern the yarn will be applied to, here is the pattern I’m going to use.

If you want a dark blue shawl than make yourself a dark blue shawl. It is your shawl and should be the color(s) you like despite what others may say. People wear dark colors all the time no matter if it is casual or formal setting. The main point is that you knit a shawl that makes you happy.

As for heather or solid, I like the heather yarn. There is a little more going on in the strand, so it seems to have an inner “life” to it.

I’d go with a heathered dark blue, judging by what you say you like. Dark blue heathers are absolutely gorgeous. I’ve got a ball of heathered navy Cascade 220 lurking around here somewhere, and it’s one of my favorites.