Color help

I’m so terrible at matching colors, when I need more than 1. Thank goodness that so far I haven’t been moved by any projects requiring more than 2 LOL.

I’m trying to decide on colors for a sweater I’m making my dd. I want to make her another Little Miss Strawberry. Here’s a picture of the one I made:

Which 2 colors do you think would look good on her? I want to use Knitpicks Swish or Comfy, so I’m limited to their available colors too.

Will be glad for all suggestions!

I think ‘Dublin’ in the Swish would look smashing with her red hair. I think I’d also like the Comfy in ‘Planetarium’ or ‘Lilac Mist.’

Hope this helps. :thumbsup:

Which contrast color would you use with “Dublin” or “Lilac Mist”? (I’ve used Planetarium and Seafoam on another sweater, so won’t use that).

Hm. With the Dublin I might use the Bok Choy, Squirrel Heather, or Camel Heather. MAYBE Truffle. With Lilac Mist I think I’d use Blackberry or Ivory. Or, a Blackberry sweater with Lilac Mist trim would be very pretty as well. Just my opinion.

I think rich or deep autumn colors look great on redheads. Most greens look great, too. I don’t care for Bok Choy…it’s too pale, but I like the lawn and dublin. The camel would also look good and I like the copper, allspice and wisteria would all make nice accent colors.

This stripe maker is fun to play with and mix colors.

If you can it might be good to take her to a yarn store (or michaels, joanns, etc) and see how different colors look on her, too.

Okay, I think I’m pretty much settled on going with the Swish yarn. Now to pick the colors. Still not too decided. I keep going from Dublin to Copper, not sure which to settle on for the main color. Then I’ll have to see which contrast color to use for the bottom, neck and wrists.

Any other suggestions are welcome!