Color Help for Fair Isle class

I signed up for the Fair Isle Class at SAFF and need to find yarn for the project. It calls for worsted weight yarn; #1 color about 50 grams, #2 color about 25 grams and #3 color a couple of yards. I have some leftover Plymouth Galway in my stash that I can probably use. But I need to find a third color. I have Teal(for color #1 or #2) and Medium Brown(for color #3). Any suggestions on what to go with it? It needs to have good contrast.



I think Cream would go really nicely with Teal and Med. Brown.

(am looking at some Galway colors)
yessss, the Cream. I like Grass, too. I’d also consider Plum.

plum might be nice, but my vote goes for cream.

Thanks for the suggestions, my brain was half working yesterday. I think I will get cream as I probably won’t come close to using all of it and I should be able to use it later in something else.