Color Finding Help

Ok I need help finding a colorway.

My friend at work who has done at lot for me is going to get a gift. I am thinking of making a shawl for her. She is an avid quilter.

I called up her daughter to ask her what mom’s bedroom colors were. Mom lives with daughter and her family and I know she spends alot of her time in the bedroom reading and watching TV. I had thought of making her an afghan but with her being a quilter didnt think it was needed. Therefore a shawl to wrap around her when reading in bed I think would be nice.

This is how daughter described her bedroom. (Dtr is also an artist)
Greenish/purpleish, some medium blues, lichen green, pillows have some cornflower blue and silivery grey in them. Pale blues and maroons also in the room. Dtr is getting ready to repaint the walls some purplish color as its apparently her fav.

I think I want a soft color way combining some of these colors in a lace wt up to sock wt. If anyone has any ideas where some on line might be for me to look at I would appreaciate it very much. Cost wont be much of a factor as this lady will be worth every penny I spend on her.

I have spent some time looking but there is so many websites I am feeling overwhelmed. Not too mention I want to now buy alot of yarn for myself…lol


That is really nice of you. I’m sure your friend will love it!!
Sorry I don’t have any ideas on yarns except to check Knitpicks. They have some really pretty yarns and also JimmyBeans.

I would check here. Lisa Souza dyes the most beautiful yarns. You could also ask for her suggestions on what colorway would fall in the range of colors you have listed. I’m not affiliated in any way, I’ve ordered and knit up a couple of her sock yarn choices and I haven’t been disappointed.

Hand Dyed Handspun Yarn, Hand Dyed Yarn, Hand Dyed Sock Yarn and Hand Dyed Roving from Lisa Souza Knitwear

Have you looked at Webs ( )? You can do a search there by weight and find some nice colors. Their Valley Yarns 2/14 Alpaca Silk hand-dyed has some pretty colors.

Or, consider doing the Triple Mohair Triangle Shawl from Fiddle Sticks Knitting ( ). You can use different colors to get the look you want. For example, you could pair this green with this dark purple and this lighter blue to pull together the colors. Or you could stick with three shades of purple, if you wanted to. It’s fun to play with the colors in this shawl.

malabrigo has some lovely laceweight now

also, schaefer has some stunning colorways

Thanks for the ideas everyone. I am going to go look now at what you all suggested.