Color Changing

What’s the easiest method of changing colors, and how do we do it? Is there a video on the site we could watch?


Changing colors how? Are you making stripes, or a pattern in different colors?

The Advanced Techniques page has a coupla videos on working with 2 colors at the same time, the Tips page has suggestions for adding another color yarn. If you’re just making stripes, you drop color A and begin to knit with color B. If you only do 2 rows with each color, you don’t have to cut them, but can loosely twist them around each other along the edge you change colors on. If it’s more than 4 rows, you probably need to cut the yarns and weave in the ends.

We’re only doing horizontal stripes to start. How do you join the new color to the old one?

Thanks much! We’ll also check the Tips page.

Look on the Tips page for several ways to join as you’re knitting, but you don’t really need to. Though it probably saves you having to weave in the ends.