Color changing issue

I’m working on my last swatch for Level 1 of the Master Knitting program, and I didn’t seem to get it right the first time. I’m obviously going to do it again, I’m just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this…

The right edge where the new color begins puffs out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciaated.

Kristen :slight_smile:

Hi Sbutteramfly:
It looks like the “ripple” may be due to change in pattern not in color change to me. On the left side of the swatch as facing both patterns (top and bottom) end in knit stitch were as on the right side of the swatch the top pattern (stocking stitch) starts with knit stitches and the bottom pattern (1x1 ribbing) starts with purl stitches. I think the switch over from purl to knit is what is causing the “ripple.” HTH


Does the MK program specify how you are to cast on and what kind of selvedge to use?

I see problems in the swatch with the cast on and the selvedge stitches.

Thanks guys.
The program specifies how I need to do the ribbing, k2, p2 across 20 sts, so I need to begin the pattern with k2, and end with p2… If that changes i’m pretty sure they won’t accept the swatch for not following instructions correctly…

They don’t specify directly which cast on to use, I used long tail in every swatch for consistency, so, that’s what I used in this one. What do you think is not correct about the cast on? I’m curious.

For the selvedge, I need to knit and purl on the edge when specified, I can’t slip anything unfortunately.

I guess I’ll try the swatch again paying closer attention to my tension, and see if that helps.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to think like a very particular knitting judge!

SOME people think it’s important for the cast-on and bind-off to “match” in tension and appearance. Your cast-on looks tight compared to the bind-off, contributing to the overall impression that the swatch is not a “perfect” shape.

I don’t know diddly about the Guild’s program, so feel free to ignore me. It’s interesting to me that they would specify that you work the selvedge stitches twice.