Color Change on Slip Stitch

Is it possible to do a yarn color change on a slip stitch at the beginning of a row? Still pretty new to knitting and can’t figure out how to do it. Thanks in advance for any help.:??

Do you mean that you’ve been slipping the first stitch and now you want to change the color? I think you’d be ok if you knit the first stitch just for the color change.

Thanks Ingrid. I didn’t know if knitting the first stitch of the row instead of slipping (as the pattern says to do) would mess up the pattern. Thanks again, I’ll try it.

Since the first and last stitch of a row is usually salvage, and the slipped stitch for a clean pick-up, would it be helpful to change color on the last stitch of the previous row to secure the yarn, turn your work and slip the stitch then continue in the new color?

Good idea. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. That would probably work. Don’t know where my head is at :lol:

i dont think so but remember what do i know? :roflhard: