Color Change In The Round

Hi there! I’m having a hard time figuring out how to do a color change while I’m knitting in the round. I’ve tried doing it at the begining of the row, as in where the yarn join is, but that leaving a huge gap and looks all wrong. I can do color changes while knitting flat, but I’m confused about how to go about it since I’m new at knitting in the round. Any ideas?

I’m using two size 8 circular needles because it’s a small diameter scarf.

Thanks so much!!!

Got this answer from another forum…

“If you’re just dropping one color and picking up the next, then it is likely to leave a little bit of a hole there. The good news is that it’s not a permanent hole. When I’m changing colors when knitting in the round, I knit a few stitches with the new color and then go back and tie a half knot with the two yarn tails and twist them into a little yarn butterfly. After I’ve knit a few rounds, I got back and undo the butterfly and weave in the two ends, being sure to even out the tension at the join. I’ve found that keeping that half knot in helps to close the hole.”

I found that if I did this and kept knitting a few rows up then it looks how its supposed to.

Right, you just start knitting with the new color and you can weave in the ends later. (I almost never tie knots)

I am about to attempt a color change in the round. According to this video I should slip the first stitch of the second row. Do I have to slip it if I am not going to knit stripes? I simply want to change from one color to the next, never to go back to the first color again.

It will prevent a “jog” on the transition row. So I’d say, yes…slip the first st of the second row. It won’t hurt anything, and will improve the transition.

Okay, will do. Thank you.