Color Blocks

Hey everyone! I have baby soft yarn and i want to cast on 150 stiches use one color white or blue for trim for about 2-3 inches.

then i want knit color squares…but its callthe Intarsiana method…

So…say i use white for cast on and trim for 2 inches.

The nex row…i will start with a Blue block with 150 stitches and 5 blocks a row…that 30 stiches per block of each color…

so after i knot 30 stiches of blue i want to change over to white. How do i add the white in so the colors are seamless (if im saying that right)

Do you all understand what im saying?

Hi! If you go here and scroll down the page, you will see a video that Amy has done on the intarsia method, this should be helpful :smiley:

The secret to changing colors in a row is to make sure you bring the ‘new’ color up over the strand of ‘old’ color when you switch. Insert your needle, bring the color you’ve been working with over to the left and hold it there with your left hand. Then knit with the new color.

Here’s another visual.