Color bleeding when wet blocking

Has anyone else experienced color bleeding out of commercially dyed wool when washing it to wet block the fabric? Last night I started washing the Doctor Who scarf and all the colors started to bleed out. First the red, then the yellow, then the greens and browns. At least the dyes didn’t redeposit on the other colors, but it was rather alarming to see it happen. It was all knitted with Wool of the Andes Sport weight yarns.

I have one red sweater that bled a little on the first wash, It was a lovely wool called Knitaly which is now discontinued. I’m glad the dye didn’t bleed into the adjoining stripes on your wonderful scarf!

I haven’t personally experienced it, but yes, I have heard of color bleeding with yarns. I guess washing a swatch would help discover this, but I have no idea what to do if it’s happening after knitting.