Collar troubles (if you speak french it might help)

I need to knit a collar and two finishing bands in 1x1 ribbing for a sweater but am having trouble figuring the instructions. It’s a phildar pattern so the translation into english could possibly be off.
the english says
1st row(rs): k2 *p1, k1 * repeat to end of row ending with k2
2nd row(ws) P1 *k1, p1 * repeat to end of row
but if I do this with 111 stitches as specified i certainly don’t end up with anything resembling 1x1 ribbing
here is the french
monter 11m., aig no4, tric. en cotes 1/1 en commencant et en terminant le 1er rg et ts les rgs impairs (endr. du trav.) par 2m.

The English directions have to be off. the knits and purls don’t line up so there’s no way you could have 1x1 ribbing.

Unfortunately i don’t speak french so i can’t really help translate.

:thinking: It seems like it would work if:
row 1 started with k3 instead of k2.
that would get rows 1 and 2 lining up when working with an odd number of stitches (111 stitches like you say you have).

the english translation for row 1 is correct (i assume the french for “cast on [color=red]11[/color]” is really 111?); you didn’t provide row 2 french, but it does work out, kind of. it looked good on paper, but i also did a small swatch to check - the issue is on odd rows where you’ll have to stop with a purl (rather than complete the P1, K1 sequence) and then do your 2 knit stitches. even rows are as stated. this gives you an edge that alternates K and P stitches, i assume for the seaming so your ribbing line stays/appears unbroken once it’s attached.