Coffee cup sleeve

The grocery store where I would get my morning cup of coffee, changed the cup type to the cheap plain cardboard (and didn’t offer those cardboard sleeves). I couldn’t stand the heat! So I used the pattern on as a basic idea and just did my own thing (no sling). It works great!

I made it on one 2.25mm 16" circular, back and forth (slipping the 1st stitch every row) and sewed it up when done. Because I followed the stitch count in the pattern for casting on and any decreases, it fits nicely. And I just alternated knitting or purling for a group of rows (where ever I wanted) to add some hand grip. And using multicolored yarn helps disguise any spills until I [U]want[/U] to wash it.:teehee:

Oh I like that! I have one in my head that is similar that I’ve been meaning to do. I agree, although I hate some of those cardboard cups and the sleeves are a pain.

I’m all about cozies and sleeves and I really like the one you’ve created.

You did a great job alternating rows to create dimension and, probably, a good grip on your coffee. Very nice! Now I’m going to try my own (again).

Oh now that is such a darn good idea! I love your ‘cup cuff’!

Gr8 idea n wel done

That looks great - very good thinking to add a little “grip”!

Love it! I need to do one of those for myself too …

Love this!! I was thinking of just a knitted sleeve like the cardboard ones. (of course, being the klutz that I am, I’d most probably be wearing my coffee) :rofl:

Oh, great idea! Very nicely done :thumbsup:

I love that. It is so cute! I would like to ry it myself. It looks very pretty. The clolors you choose are my favorite, too.

Happy Knitting!

And here’s a better one for the planet: bring your own coffee mug!

Nice job on the coffee sleeve, though :thumbsup:

I would [U]like[/U] to say I’d use a reusable, non-disposible cup; but I wouldn’t be telling the truth.

Do have to say I get a great kick out of using the sleeve; and the quirky looks I get at the check-out counter. And it actually disperses the heat quite well. Totally felt the difference when I purchased 2 cups: my wool insulated one and a recycled cardboard one for a co-worker.
By the way, I never mentioned that this is from scrap sock yarn. I might make up a few as gifts.

I like the way your pattern has rolls on it, which gives it more thickness, doesn’t it?
Care to share your personal pattern? My DD frequents coffee shops and needs sleeves. I could put them in her Xmas stocking.

Thank you; I really just winged it. The “bumps” (rolls) give me assurance of grip; I was looking ahead to when I would be using this with gloves this winter.
First, I ended up using just one 16-inch size US 1 circular and knitted back and forth (I would have knitted it in the round, but I couldn’t find the other needle; could have used DP needles, but didn’t want to.)

Long tail cast-on 62 stitches and slipping the first stitch of every row (easier to sew later), begin reverse stockinette (purl right side, knit wrong side) 8 rows. [This makes the first “bump”]
Then changing to “regular” stockinette (knit right side, purl wrong side), this is also the first decrease row: knit 29, k2tog [B]twice[/B] = 60 stitches. Continue knitting for 7 [U]more[/U] rows (8 rows total).
Change back to reverse stockinette and do 7 [U]more[/U] rows [Second “bump”]
Change back to regular SS and do 6 [U]more[/U] rows.
Then 8 rows of [U]garter stitch[/U] (knit every row) [makes third “bump”] ----why I changed, I have no idea:teehee: )
Final section is 10 rows of regular SS; decreasing on the [U]last[/U] row: knit 13, k2tog [B]4 times[/B] = 56 stitches.
Bind off [B][U]tightly[/U][/B] ; if you leave a long enough tail, you can use it to sew the sides together. Weave in the ends.

So that adds up to about 47 rows in all. Actually had to sit here looking at it to know what I did----I really did just go for it. And if I find my other needle, I’ll be doing it again in the round.
Good Luck and let me know what [U]you[/U] come up with.