Coffee Cup holders

:thinking: I saw a pattern when I first picked up some needles. You know like the cardboard thingy you get from Starbucks… I am sure there is a real name I could have swore it was on Knitty. I don’t see it there :??

It was here at Magknits

thanks :cheering:

Wow this is much more complicated than the ones I make. I call em coffee bras. I make them out of old acrylic I have lying around (no use using good wool on these!) I use size 6 dpl and cast on 36 stiches, join then knit 5 rows of k1p1 rib then 10 rows of stockinette (just knit) then 5 rows of k1p1 rib again, bind off. voila :balloons:

Oh yeah, the only thing with my method is there is a little jog at the end cuz yer knittin in the round so it doesn’t come out even so you just have to take care of that when you weave in the ends.