Cobweb vs. Carrying vs. Laceweight

Hey everyone. I’m trying to figure this out…
Laceweight is heavier than cobweb and carrying weight, right?How do cobweb and carrying compare to each other?
A Eunny Jang shawl pattern has instructions for cobweb weight yarn and a thicker one in laceweight, and I looked on Knitpicks to see if they had some cobweb. They DO have carrying weight as smaller than laceweight, but no cobweb. I’m just wondering what the difference is… I can’t find the answer online easily. :confused:

ETA: KnitPicks carrying weight is some eyelashy stuff, so I obviously won’t be using that. But I do still want to know for future refence… :smiley:

Cobweb is lighter/thinner than laceweight. I think carrying yarn can really vary depending on what it is. Some of it is thread like, some is more novelty (i.e fun fur) like. I would say it can range from cobweb to laceweight. There may even be some that is fingering weight.