Cobweb-shawl-thing I saw in the market

Hi guys,
I’m new to this forum, and quite new to knitting, so go easy on me :o)

I live in the UK and I was recently in Spitalfields and saw this thing that I don’t quite know how to describe. They were all quite modern, little stoles that wrap around the shoulders, with very very very fine yarn and huge stitches, like the texture of a cobweb. It’s not a Shetland cobweb shawl or anything that fancy, but very light and wispy. I’d take a picture but you’re not supposed to and the vendors don’t take too kindly to that! Could anyone point me in the direction of some pictures or, if I’m lucky!, general instructions on what such a thing consists of? (ie yarn type, size of needles, what stitches).

I would be so grateful!

If they were modern and there were lots of them on sale, I’d guess that the fine yarn was knit in very loose garter stitch on huge needles to create an open, lacy look. Easy to do once you acquire the knack of inserting a big needle into a loop of fine yarn, and it goes very quickly. You could probably make one of these in a couple of hours, using very little yarn. I’d try something like a 12mm needle and laceweight wool or maybe kid mohair.

Ahh thank you! I bet they are some type of (cheap?) mohair…they were VERY light and very slightly scratchy.

I already love this forum :slight_smile:

I saw some cute triangular shawl patterns on They have inexpensive yarns and tell you type of yarn, needles, etc. has great shawl patterns, too. Just type shawl in the search window.

Most of them are done with finer guage yarn on big needles.

People here are a GREAT help, if you get started and get stuck.

If you’re on Ravelry, look up Wisp. It’s a featherweight shawl like that–you can fold it into a scarf or shake it loose and wrap it around you. It’s garter stitch stripes between panels of (k2tog, yo), very simple, and could be quick if I could make myself finish the one that’s been lying here on the needles instead of casting on something else :mrgreen: (it’s a Christmas present and I have trouble getting motivated, because the yarn is Patons Lacette and it’s not that much fun to work with on bamboo needles!).

If you’re after a triangular shawl, there are tons of patterns here:

Thanks ladies! I saw some lovely kid mohair in the John Lewis the other day but it was a bit pricey so I might wait. I’m still new at it so I might wait til I’m a bit better! My first scarf is going very well so I’m getting a bit cheeky and am going to try to make baby booties next I think :smiley: