Cobblestone Pattern?

I am trying to make swatch for The Amelia Jacket-Knitted from Knit One Crochet Too Pattern. Ive come across this Cobblestone Pattern thatIi cant seem to follow! Here are the first 5 rows (and it is number 5 where I get lost!):
Rows 1 and 3: * k3, yo, sl 1; rep from * across, k2

Rows 2 and 4: p2, *sl 1, yo, p3; rep from * across

Row 5: Knit across counting each group of 4 yos and sl st as 1 st.

OMG! what does “counting each group of 4 yos and sl st as 1 st” mean?
At the top the note refers to this as: When slipping sts on subsequent rows, sl yos from previous row(s) with slipped st counting as 1 st. Every 5th row you will work across and k through slipped st and the four yos counting all as if 1 st.

Unlike most patterns where you knit or purl the yarn over on the next row, in this pattern, you do another yo in each row at the same point as the yo on the previous row. So by the time you’ve completed 4 rows, you have 4 yo’s (and a slipped st) on top of each other. Those are the sts (the 4 yo’s and the slipped st) that you work together as a knit st on row 5. I think this becomes easier if you try it out on the needles with some scrap yarn.

Thank you! i will quit whining and go get some scrap yarn to try your idea.