Hi all, I am looking for a really nice coaster pattern. I am making the coasters out of a very special puppy for a friend of mine (yes she wants dog fur coasters) I was hoping for round coasters, or maybe a very simple lace pattern.

The yarn is hand spun and I hope it will all be about the same as worsted weight, but no guarantee. I’ll just be happy if it all turns out the same size.


Dog fur is certainly unusual. Take a look through these patterns perhaps:

Have you swatched and seen how this fur responds to washing? Coasters often need regularly cleaning so I think before you go to all the trouble it may be worth seeing how it responds to this issue.

I agree with Susan, it would be awful to ruin knitting. Do they make a glass or plastic coaster that “opens up” and you could make some really pretty lace swatches using different patterns and “encase” them in the coaster? That would preserve your knitting and the special yarn.

That’s a GREAT idea Debbie. You know those clear resin blocks you see with insects or objects inside? You can actually buy that and I think with the right mould you could make your own. But I agree that it may be possible to purchase plastic one that open up. Certainly a lot easier!

one skein wonders has a nice mitered square coaster with beaded edges…

If your yarn is very thin/ lightweight- you might be able to get some of those plastic coasters you slip pictures into- and slip your knitted coaster into that. I’ve seen them at photography stores/ websites as well as crafting stores and such.

Thanks for all the great ideas. Found a pattern I like to, and it seems pretty simple. I’ll talk to my friend and tell her what I’ve learned here to see what she wants me to do.

I don’t think the coasters will get much use, more of a decretive thing being it’s from their own dog, but I’ll pass on the concerns.

My friend who thought me to spin uses dog fur in many items, however, it is blended with other animals, such as sheep, but says it always works well for her. She even has a coat spun and knitted from her own dog, blended with wool.

Thanks guys.