Coastal georgia

DH and I are leaving tonite for Richmond Hill GA to see his college roomate for Thanksgiving. I have the car for Friday while they go fishing.
Hoping to see some must-see stores. Any in the area?


is that any where near Fuzzy Mabel?

In case you’re near Savannah – Rebecca can help you out there. There are at least 3 stores that I remember … with The Red Needle being tops.


Indeed…Red Needle is the place to be, I’m calling now to see who will be open & will get right back to ya…

Sorry, no big ‘After Thanksgiving Sales’ at the yarn shops…BUT…that doesn’t mean a thing…Red Needle is still the place to be :wink:

Red Needle is a large store with LOTS of yarn & goodies, a sitting area for knitting, owned & operated by Micky Landau…sweetest LYS owner around! She was actually the test knitter for my sock pattern that was published :smiley: …she knows EVERYTHING about knitting :wink:
912-691-1071 10:00am - 5:50pm
1711 E. Victory Dr. (midtown) easy to find, anyone can direct you

Wild Fibre Smaller shop in historic district, I don’t shop there very often, it’s on the other side of town from me, cute shop.
912-238-0514 10am - 5pm
409 E. Liberty St.

Twiggs Mostly needlepoint supplies, I believe. I was told that they carry knitting yarn for babie & some for felting.
241 Abercorn St (downtown in historic district not too far from Wild Fibre).

Have fun, if you can only hit one store, Red Needle would be my suggestion :thumbsup:

I live near Fuzzy Mabel! It’s the official shop of the Ya-Yas. It ROCKS!

Fuzzy Mabel is St Simon’s new shop, right?! YAY :cheering: :cheering: I will put it on my ‘going to FL’ after Christmas list :happydance: :cheering: :happydance:…or I might just ride down with Lonnie one day when he has to work in Brunswick :cheering: :cheering:…for my bday shopping :wink:

That’s right, Becca. And you better stop by to see ME and the Ya-Yas! You can guest spot at our meeting, too. We’d be sooo cool to have a DESIGNER at our meetings!

Thanks all. Have heard the same thing from others on other forums
about the Red Needle. Planning to go there definitely.


Will post when I return.

Girl, u r too funny with the ‘guest spot’ dealy :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: !!

Red Needle ROCKS :wink:

Rebecca Thank you! Thank you! You were so right. The Red Needle
was great. Got home an hour ago and couldn’t wait to tell you.
You are so lucky to have a shop like that in your town. So many of
the new shops only carry high end fancy yarns. This store carries
moderate to high end. Wools, blends, acrylics, angoras,fancy etc etc.
There were more samples than I have ever seen in a store. Books and magazines galore. I have been to a lot of stores up and down the east coast.

IMHO this is one of the best stores on the east coast. Last summer
I had the chance to visit Webs, Wool Connection and many others in
New England. The Red Needle is like a New England store.

You were so right!!
PS- Micky gave me her card and
and I told her that you sent me.

Rebecca Where can I see a picture of your sock pattern.


I apologize, Colleen, I’ve not been online much & missed your post…I’m so GLAD that you got a chance to stop by and see my Mickey & Red Needles…ROCKS, don’t ya think?! I must tell her about your post, I’ve got to run over to the shop to get some dpns! I hope that you got a chance to meet & chat with Mickey…she’s a DOLL and a WEALTH of knitting knowledge :thumbsup: !
You can find my pattern right here :wink: . Thanks for asking :smiley:
EDIT :doh: DUH ME…I just reread your post & see that you did get to meet Mickey…LOL, did she tell you that she loves my husband?! She always tells me that whenever I’m in the shop! She says that in all of her years of knitting biz that he is the only husband that comes in & shops for his wife, knows exactly what he’s looking for & picks it up & happily buys it & is on his way. Or she will say that he is so very patient & happily walks around the store with me when we are there together. :inlove: Lonnie :inlove: just makes an impression wherever he is bc he’s the best husband in the world :wink:

rebecca saw the loopy socks on their website. very cute. whatever
inspired you? congrats on the design.


:smiley: Thanks a bunch! I was actually inspired by a pair of socks in Mickey’s shop. I asked her if she had a pattern & they were sold out & she told me to just crochet the loops on a regular sock pattern…I have NO IDEA what to do with a crochet hook other than provisional cast on & picking up sts, at that time, I didn’t even know about that…LOL, I had only been knitting socks for maybe a month or a bit more and knitting all together for about 7 months! So, I just came home & was looking in a book that I have on purses & I saw the loop st. & practiced it, then did it on the socks :smiley: Knitting and Imagination go very well together :thumbsup: