CO to match BO on mitten

I’m making these fingerless mittens and I’m not at all happy with the CO in the middle of the row for the thumb. I’ve ripped that part out three times. It calls for a backard loop CO at this point, but I don’t like the unevenness of it. I tried using both a cable CO and knitted CO. Nothing seems to look right. Any ideas?

Here’s picture of the whole thing and the area in question.

I’d do a knitted or cable and hope for the best. Something you might try, too, is to cast on 2 extra and then knit those together with the established stitches at each edge on the next round. It’ll help to avoid the stretched out stitch you can get at the edges.

Okay, I’ll try it again and great idea about the extra stitches!:thumbsup: Thanks!

does your pattern have a stump (a few rows of knitting) for the thumb? some fingerless gloves do (some don’t)

If your pattern does, then the cast on for the thumb will be sewn into a seam… and invisible!

if you use the simple loop (it does look messy!) you can pick up stitches from the loose loops of the cast on to knit thumb ‘stump’ and this is thinner and more attractive than a seam.

(if you fingerless gloves don’t have a thumb ‘extention’/stump" but just a button hole like opening, a knit cast on will work well. )

It is just a buttonhole type thing not a stump.

I think these things are cursed. I tried the knitted CO and didn’t like the loose loops at the edge and ripped back again. Then I just sucked it up and did the backward loop and figured I’ll just live with it. Now I see there is a “ladder” area between the first 5 rows of knit and purl. :hair:

Could you do a provisional caston or create some kind of live stitches, and then later cast them off (or graft them) more invisibly? Like a longtail caston with the thumb strand being waste wool, then pick it out later and put the resulting live stitches on the needle?

Is the pattern so that you could do like an afterthought
thumb? Knit the thumb sts onto waste yarn then go back
and knit them with the working yarn. Then when you pick
out the waste yarn and have the live sts on your needles
you could just bind off for the opening…?
Libbie :slight_smile:

I did consider the afterthought thumb and holding the live stitches, etc, but they don’t really have a thumb so there isn’t a need to pick them up later. I think I’m just being too picky so I’ve set them aside for now and am working on something else. Thanks for the thoughts though!

If you have a matching colour wool in a much thinner and smoother weight, you could cast on with that and the caston would be much less visually obtrusive, if you didn’t mind a couple of extra ends to weave in.

I was thinking about that, too. Thanks for the push, maybe I’ll give it a try. :thumbsup: