CO stitches to existing work


I’ve got a cardigan sweater pattern that I haven’t started yet. It calls for CO 40 stitches and knitting 13 inches then the pattern says to knit your next row and for sleeve shaping CO 18 st for a total of 58 st. Then you purl across and CO 18 st for a total of 76 st.

My question is this: How would you CO? Would you cut the yarn and use the slingshot CO or would you use a single yarn CO method? I have an example of a single yarn and 2 needle CO in the Vogue knitting book called knitting on (pg 26 in my edition).

If I do the knit on method, does anyone know of a video of this I can watch to make things clearer to me?

Thanks in advance!


You don’t need to cut the yarn to follow those directions. After you knit the 13 inches, knit the 40 stitches for the next row and then turn the work. At this point you will do either a knitted cast on or a cable cast on (using the first stitch to work into or work between the first two) to make the 18 new stitches and then you work back across the 18 stitches. Then you work the original 40 again and then don’t turn this time, but use one of the cast on methods to cast on right at the end of the row, using the last stitch, or working between the last two. After you have added the 18 stitches then you knit back across them and keep going.

I think I would use a cable cast on. Here is a link that has that cast on down the page a little. I don’t find it hard to do. A tip I have is to insert the RH needle between the stitches before you pull on the stitch to adjust the tension.

Maybe with the video you will understand how you would go about doing it, if you need more clarification, just ask.

Thank you, Merigold! I am sure I will have questions but I’m going to try a “dry run” on doing the cable cast on prior to starting the work. The video does help but I wish it had a sound byte, too. :stuck_out_tongue: I will bookmark it. I think the vogue book also had a picture of the cable cast on.