CO in the middle of a row

Hi everyone!!!

I’m making a great scarf with an opening to pull the other end through. I’ve gotten to the part where I’m making the opening. It’s a simple 2x2 rib then I B.O. 12 sts in the middle and then continue the rib. The next row I have to C.O. 12 sts then continue with the ribbing.

I have already done the B.O row. But now when I start C.O. the new sts there is a huge ladder at the beginning and end of the C.O. I did the single C.O. method. I’m thinking there must be another way to C.O. in the middle of the row. I tried to do the long-tail way, but that doesn’t seem possible in the middle of a row. Do you have any suggestions as to another way to work it? I know this shouldn’t be that difficult.

Thanks in advance for all your wisdom. Hope you’re all having a great Wed!

Try a cable CO or knitted on CO, both of which you can find [B]here[/B].

Another thing to try is to cast on an extra at each end and then work two together on the next row at each edge.

Thanks, Ingrid and Krazy…
The cable c.o. looks like it might just work. Thanks!