CO for socks

What is the best cast on method for socks. Mine seems to be too tight and binding for the k1p1 ribbing. I need something that has a little more give to it.

I usually like to use my standard long tail cast on, BUT I either use a needle that is twice as big OR cast on to Two needles held together. This is my preferred way to make my socks from the cuff down… It really makes a huge difference!

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I really like the Old Norwegian Cast-on, also called the German Twisted Cast-on. Amy has a video for it under the “Basic Techniques” tab above. It’s like the Long Tail Cast-on with one additional step. I find it to be very stretchy, yet not too loose. It holds its shape well and is durable.

I always cast on snugly over two needles in the size that I’m going to be knitting with (as opposed to choosing to use a larger needle size to cast on). My feet are wide and my ankles aren’t exactly dainty and I never have trouble getting my handmade socks on with this cast on.

I just do the standard long tail cast on.

I used to use the regular long-tail CO, until I saw the light of the Twisted German. I know what you means about it still being tight, and nothing helped, not casting on over two needles, etc.

Go with the Twisted German! Plus I just love that name.

Google ‘stretchy castoffs’ etc. I really like tubular castons and castoffs, they look incredibly tidy and professional. Or if you have a favourite stretchy castoff you coulkd cast on provisionally leaving a long tail to cast off with later. A search of the KH forum will get you more results like the ones you got here also.