CO for sleeves for top-down raglan

I’m a little embarrassed to ask, but…

I’m about six rows from finishing the yoke on the baby cardi (full pattern in my sig) I’m working on, so I figured I’d ask before I got to the next part. Here’s what the pattern says:

“Knit to first marker, remove it (remove all markers now as you
come to them), k 1. Now using a blunt darning needle and scrap
yarn, slip all the sts between here and the next marker on to the
length of yarn to hold for the left sleeve. Cast on to the right tip
of the needle 7 ( 8, [B]8,[/B] 10) sts and join to the back sts.”

So, I have the first part, the only question I have is the last sentence. I’m guessing that I should cast on 8 stitches with a knit cast on, but how do I join? Do I just start knitting the back stitches? I’m thinking that would leave a hole. Is there some twist/wrap the working yarn trick I’m not seeing?

And later, I’ll be back asking about I-cords, I’m sure.


You can just start knitting, or you can cast on an extra stitch, slip it to the left tip and knit that stitch together with the first from the back to tighten it up.

Ah ha! That totally makes sense. Thank you!