CO AND knit at the end of the row - HELP

Hi All,

I’m working on the Taiga Cardigan,
I’ve made it to the pocket lining and have a question.

The pattern says " CO and knit 20 sts (pocket lining), pick up and knit back sts from st holder, CO and knit 20
sts(pocket lining)."

I CO 20 sts at the beginning, knit, worked across the back stitches and am now at the end of the row. BUT when I cast on the remaining 20 sts, my yarn is a the end of the row and i CANNOT knit them.

Can someone please explain how to do this?


This is all good. You’ve done the right thing, the yarn is at the tip of the needle after the cast on, ready for the next row. Just continue with the next pattern row, likely a purl row.,

When I CO the first 20 I knit them, then knit all the back sts, so the last 20 will not be knit. This is confusing and seems like the last 20 will be one knit row behind.

Am I looking at it wrong?

Thanks for your advice!

That’s ok if the lining is a row shorter. In the overall sweater, a row here or there won’t make much difference.

Ok. Great. Thank so much!