CO 2 sts st each neck edge (poncho/wrap)

Knitting my first garment. Neck shaping with 2 balls working both sides at same time on RS row. I started BO with second ball for center 32 sts and continued across row with 2nd ball.

Pattern says:
Working both sides at the same time with separate balls of yarn, continue in pattern and CO 2 sts at each neck edge 4 times. This should start WS row. I figured out how to cast on at the neck shape from the right. I don’t know how to get the next 2 sts CO properly with the next ball. I can’t purl these sts just yet because you CO and continue in purl pattern.

Pattern says add the 2 sts 4 times which would be 4 sts each row=16 sts. Pattern then says to Work pattern across to center to CO 16 sts for back edge RS row. Can’t figure out how RS row because WS CO 4 sts, RS CO 4 sts, WS CO 4 sts, then RS CO 4 sts. Did I miss something? Just knit and purl for pattern on circular needles.

Thanks for the help! A little confusing since I’ve never done this.

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At the neck edge, the needle you’re casting stitches onto needs to be in your left hand. So work across the first WS row to the neck edge, drop the second ball of yarn, pick up the first and cast on 2sts. Work across those 2sts to the end of the row. Repeat this same procedure on the RS row. You’ll only be casting on to one side per row (2sts per row).

You’re correct that it’ll be a WS row for the cast on of 16sts but it shouldn’t matter. You just continue in pattern, as you have been doing anyway.