CO 1 stitch over gap? I'm not getting it

I’m working on fingerless gloves(1st time knitting any type of glove.). They do have thumbs though.
[color=red]I’ve made my thumb gussets placed them on a stitch holder[/color] I’ve got a remaining 31 stitches on 4 needles. Now I need to … [color=indigo]“CO 1 st over gap for thumb gusset, knit to end- 32 sts remain” [/color]
So… Looking at the picture, the top left blue needle is where I stopped. The gussets are in front on the holder and i need to CO 1 stitch over gap. does that mean to just put 1 CO stitch where i’ve stopped and continue knitting by passing the sts on the holder? I hope this isn’t a “Duh!!” question… :doh: TIA

Yes, just cast on 1 stitch when you get to the spot where your holder is, then completely ignore what’s on the holder and continue on the stitches on the other side of your thumb gusset. :thumbsup:

:teehee: Thanks Knitqueen!