Clutch Purse problem

Hi everyone. I am having a bit of a math problem on a pattern that I’m following for a clutch purse with a rounded button flap. This is my first time working with the short row W/T method and I’m a little mixed up. The pattern originally called for 43 stitches, but I changed it to 35. Now that I’ve reached the flap portion of the pattern, of course the numbers dont match up and i am completely lost as to how to reconfigure the pattern for 35 stitches. Can someone help me out?? Here is the pattern.

Cast on 43 sts.
Work in Textured pat until piece measures 8 inches, ending with a WS row.
Shape flap

Row 1 (RS): Work in pat across 42 sts, W/T.
Row 2: Work 41 sts, W/T.
Row 3: Work 40 sts, W/T.
Row 4: Work 39 sts, W/T.
Row 5: Work 38 sts, W/T.
Row 6: Work 37 sts, W/T.
Row 7: Work 36 sts, W/T.
Row 8: Work 35 sts, W/T.
Row 9: Work 34 sts, W/T.
Row 10: Work 33 sts, W/T.
Row 11: Work 32 sts, W/T and at the same time, work a buttonhole over center 3 sts.
Rows 12-19: Continue to work in established pat as above, having 1 less st before turning on each row.
Row 20: Work 17 sts, W/T.
Cut yarn and attach at beg of RS row. Knit across all sts. Bind off on next row.

You could work across 34sts in row 1 and then work one stitch fewer in each of the following rows (33,32,31 etc.). You can see if the shape of the flap is what you would like as you knit. Instead of completing all the W&Ts until there are 9sts left, you might want to stop earlier and bind off with a larger number of sts across the bottom of the flap.

So from what I understand is that after all of the W/T’s, I should have 9 stitches in the middle left over? I’ve tried this once and I ended up with a sort of triangular envelope type look which I didn’t mind.

My only problem is once I’m in the middle with my left over stitches and ready to bind off, I don’t understand how I’m supposed to work my way back to the outer edge to begin the bind off. It’s not clear to me from the pattern.

From the instructions, you should cut the yarn leaving about a 6 inch tail to weave in. Ra-attach the yarn to the beginning of the right side row, knit across the row and then bind off.

So once I have 9 stitches in the middle that are unwrapped, I can cut the yarn and weave the thread back to the other side with, say, a knitting needle? Then re attach the yarn and start a totally new row correct? Thank you for dealing with my very specific questions. lol

Yes, that’s right. You’ll have to slip some sts from the right hand needle to the left hand needle so that you can start the row, but that’s what this pattern is calling for.
Many patterns would leave the yarn attached and have you finish the row all the way to the end, turn at the very end of row and knit a row all the way across and finally bind off. You could think about doing this.

Thank you so much! I’ll try this right now :slight_smile: