Cluster Stitch help

I recently downloaded a free pattern from Caron called “Kiel” scarf. It has a couple things in it I am not familiar with and would like to learn. One is “Cluster Variation Stitch” the directions state:

Cluster-4 Variation stitch (Cluster-4 V): Drop extra wrap off needle, slip 4 sts with yarn in back, [pass yarn to front, slip 4
same sts back to left needle, pass yarn in back, slip 4 same sts back to right needle] twice.

Also, there is wrapping the yarn twice while knitting:

“k4 wrapping yarn twice around needle”

I am assuming that the “Drop extra wrap off needle” in the cluster instructions refers to the extra wrap from the “wrap yarn twice”.

I would really like some help with this, as I like the scarf pattern, but am unsure as to whether it is too much for me to master at this stage of the game. I looked at various sites on the internet and can’t find any tutorials on it.

Thanks for any help.

“k4 wrapping yarn twice around needle”

This would be when you knit the 4 sts wrap the yarn an extra time in each stitch. So when you do the next row you drop the extra loops off each one. Slip the sts individually, dropping the extra wraps, bring the yarn to the front, slip them back to the left needle, move the yarn to the back, and repeat. For this part, wrap the yarn around the group of 4 sts to make the cluster.