Cluster 2tog

I am currently working on this pattern. For rows 2 and 4, I don’t know what it means to cluster 2tog/cluster 2tog made. How do I cluster. I can find information on how to cluster when crocheting, but this is a knitting pattern. Thanks.

There should be some sort of explanation in the pattern somewhere; I can’t access it right now because it wants a login and I don’t know if I have before and it’s too late at night to start that process.

I joined Lily so I could take a look at the pattern but it doesn’t take me to the pattern but only to the sign up page every time and no further. We will need to know the type of item it is so we’ll know where to start looking and the exact name of the project so we’ll know when we’ve found it.

This is the copy of the pattern below this note. It is a free pattern, so I hope this is okay to do. The pattern is for a “market bag.” It’s one of those net-like grocery bags. It doesn’t give any explanation for the clustering. While I’m at it, I don’t know what they mean by the 72st in the 6th row. Does it mean that once I’ve repeated from * that I should have 72 stitches? If not how do I add 72 stitches to a row that only started out at 24? I’m a beginner and this is their level two, but it seems like quite a big jump from beginner to this.

sts. Slip 2 sts off needle – Cluster 2tog made. Rep from * to last st. K1.

4th row: Sl1. K1. * Cluster 2tog. Rep from * to last 2 sts. K2.

Well you really shouldn’t paste in the entire pattern, even when it’s free. Yes, when a st number is given at the end of a row, that’s how many you should have when you’re done with it.

The cluster 2tog is explained right there in Row 2 -
“2nd row: Sl1. *[COLOR=DarkRed]K2tog. Do not slip sts off needle. K2togtbl into the same sts. Slip 2 sts off needle[/COLOR] – Cluster 2tog made.” All of that, k2tog leave on needle, k2tog again tbl, that’s the cluster.

Oh, okay. Thank you. I think I’ll start over :slight_smile: