Clueless newbie

Ok my friend is having a baby & bought this “Knit-this” kit for me to do for her. Its a hooded blanket with booties. I’m a bit confused with a few of the directions… can someone help me??

Repeat rws 1 and 2 until sides measure 23" from beginning, ending WS

Ok, the part I dont get is in bold print. is that |--------| that way or from the bottom to the top of the work?

Next one is:

Repeat rws 1 and 2 until sides measure 13" from start of decrs.

Is that the same thing?

Last one is the beginning of the hood which is made seperately then stitched onto the blanket portion.

rw 1: (RS) p1, k1, p1, *k2, p2 repeat from * until 5 stiches remain…

whats p2? purl two stiches then knit two just not together?

Okay, I’m not sure for the first one (I’m new myself), and this could be really dumb adivce but as your knitting those row’s they should be getting longer (and it says from the beginning so that is what I’m assuming, the beginning of the whole pattern), so you just repeat rows 1 and 2 until it measures 23" and you end on a wrong side row. You might want to wait for better advice then me though! LOL

As for the second it looks like to me that you would repeat your rows 1 and 2 but start your measure from your decreased stitches, not from the beginning of your entire piece until it reaches 13".

The last one means: Row 1 (Right Side of work) purl 1 stitch, knit 1 stitch, purl 1 stitch * knit 2 stitches (seperate), purl 2 stitches (seperate) Reapeat from* until 5 stitches remain, so no, you do not stitch them together, it means seperate. If the pattern said “k2tog” that would mean “knit 2 together”.

I probably wasn’t much hlep since I’m a very beginner to but I hoped it helped a little. Also if you go the abbreviations on this site: it might help a bit with the lingo, I darn near printed the whole thing out when I first found the site, it was such a help. :smiley:

Good Luck!

April in SC

I’m not necessarily a newbie, but I am pattern-challenged. :wink: I’ll give it a go anyway.

I think the first direction is telling you to take your tape measure and measure up the side of the piece - rather than down the middle. Am I right in assuming that this is going to be a triangle shape or something? The only time I’ve seen that wording was in a dishcloth that was knitted on an angle. kwim? Anyway, I’d keep repeating the pattern until one side (actually, it’d be both) measure the length you’re given. Hold one end at the point (I’m assuming there’s a point here) and bring the other end to the first sts on the needle.

The second direction is telling you to measure beginning where you stopped the first section. Put a marker or a safety pin in there so that you know where to measure from.

ElfynFyre has the third solution dead on. :slight_smile:

That is something I NEVER would have thought of, marking the spot like that to be able to measure in the middle of a piece if you had to… Thank you so much for sharing that, seems so simple and I would have total given myself a nervous breakdown thinking I wasn’t measuring from the right spot because that would never have crossed my mind, that is SO good to know for the future, thank you. :smiley:

April in SC

The needles that came with the kit are only 24" long. its a little metal needle with a thick fishing line type wire connecting them. I’m at 23" across now & only about 13" from beginning of the blanket to the 23" wide section.

Don’t worry about it. Those are circulars and will hold lots more stitches than you’d think. About 3 times their length, I think, and lots more than straight needles will hold.


I think I’ll try it one way if it isnt big enough for a new born baby then when I make the original one I’ll do it the other way.
The yarn for the original is difficult to work with, its a soft fuzzy towel type yarn. This is my very first time trying out knitting & it seems like a hard project for my first one. I’m usually doing plastic canvas projects or making hand made teddy bears

Oooooh yeah. Fuzzy or fussy types of yarn aren’t really good for first time knitters. It’s hard to see the stitches. You could go get something really inexpensive and smooth to practice the pattern on. That way you can see and learn what you’re doing easier.


I’m using a raspberry yarn for the MC & white for the CC, its the yarn I would use to make something with plastic canvas. Plus it was too hard to get started with the fuzzy type of yarn. it was always too tight no matter how loose I made it.