Clueless for solution

Hi, I’m Judith and I’m new to the KnitPicks forum. Used their yarn for a while but never joined the forum.

I’m befuddled. I knitted a cat bed from a pattern posted on the net called the Dotty Bed Pattern.

It’s an intriguing pattern as you end up with dots on the outside and lines on the inside once the pattern is fulled.

The pattern writer admitted she was not a professional- that didn’t bother me. I assumed that I’d figure it out as I went. The sides are knit first then the bottom is knit in decreasing rows. The problem is that as it was to be fulled I followed the pattern, I thought exactly but ended up with quite a bubble in the center after I fulled it once.

From there I trimmed out the center part to allow the bottom to reshape itself . It did so but now the shape of the bottom is more oval and appears to need 2 darts( as in bust darts in sewing) removed on each side.

I’m leery of doing anymore trimming in the center. Originally what I planned to do was use an awl to poke holes so that I can stitch it up and then remove the fullness, so that it will be fairly flat and then full it again.

This is hard to describe without someone having done this but I’m open to suggestions. Would I be successful if I stretched it somehow? I’ve never had a lot of success when I gone to any great length to stretch things that I’ve fulled. I’ve also considered trying to use a steam iron to help shaping.

Like I said, if anyone has any thoughts I’d love to know what you think I could do.


When it is still wet, stretch and shape it. If there is still a bubble in the middle, smash it down with something heavy … maybe put down a towel then use laundry detergent bottles … Once it is completely dry, it should stay flat.
Remember, every time you felt it, the sides will get shorter. It will shrink more in height than width.

I don’t have any advice beyond what Debbie has suggested. Just wanted to say that this is not the Knitpicks forum though. This is [I][U]Knitting Help[/U][/I].

I went and looked at the pattern. Cute dots. The gal who made it admitted that her bottom was not flat and tried to rectify the problem in her shared pattern but hadn’t actually tried it. She said the cats flattened it out pretty good though. :slight_smile:

Maybe you should just sew the thing up the best way you can and let the cats flatten it from there as she did.