Clueless but keen to learn

Hi Ladies (and Gentlemen)

I’m very excited, have discovered that I am seven weeks pregnant and decided to try my hand at :knitting: a cute set of toys for my darling little bean.

The reason for this post is, does anyone have a breakdown of what the different weight gram/skein is? I’ve been asked for 6 ounce wool, am I correct in that being 170g??

I’m trying to figure out the wool. Is it a 100g ball what I need? I am clueless and would appreciate any help.

Also, any suggestions for the best place to buy wool/needles?

Thank you :slight_smile:


6 oz would be about 170g yes, so a 100g wouldn’t be enough. Maybe 3 50gm balls would work. Yarn usually goes by yardage. I think you’re from the UK, there may be wool shops there, some department stores carry yarn.

Can’t help with your question, but wanted to pop in and say congratulations to you on the expectation of your little one! Babies are such a blessing to the whole family!

Would love to see what you make too!