Clothes surgery or sewing patterns?

hi every one i just got my christmas gift off my mum its a very nice new sewing machine . i havent done any kind of sewing for about 5 years so im realy looking forward to my new craft outlet. i was wonderig if any one had any sites or tips that they think i should check out?
(tecnicaly i cant use it yet as im not at home and thats where she droped it off but no harn in geting a few idears for when i can go home is there?)
happy christmas by the way

I’m a sewer but I’ve never visited a sewing forum. Do a google search with sewing forums as the title. Good luck.

I haven’t looked at this site in months, but check out wardrobe refashion. It’s full of ideas for refashioning clothes, sewing, occasionally knitting, etc. It’s really fun! :thumbsup: