Closures for a sweater

Need ideas for closures/fasteners for sweater with a cable border (so can’t use buttons). Snaps? Drawstring?

Does the sweater have one side overlap the other like you would with buttons? Or do they just butt up next to each other? If they overlap then maybe a snap would work. If they just butt up then a frog or tie would work.

Here’s a few ideas-

NO drawstrings at all if it is for a child (for obvious reasons :slight_smile: You can add a zipper, you know! Do you have any old old knitting books with directions on adding zippers to knitted garments? I ask this because how-to’s for this seem to only exist in my vintage 50’s knitting books. Seems no one does this now? Shrugs…
Snaps I think are too fiddly to work on a nice thick cabled sweater. Oh! Just thought of an idea! What about knitting some tab-shaped things, that fit through a button hole, that you can then use maybe a hook fastener? Not velcro, but an actual metal hook like they use on brasierres. Just an idea, you might not like it though.