Might help if I attached a picture!
I e-mailed the knitter with my question, but I’m impatient, so I thought I’d post here, too.

I just finished blocking my Pi shawl. In the process of looking around for help on the technique of putting the edging on, I visited many web sites for pictures and information about the Pi shawl, and came across this site. I really like the closure–practical and pretty–but am wondering where you might get something like this. Am I crazy, or does this almost look like a hair ornament that is doing double-duty as a shawl closure? If so, how clever! If it’s not, where might you get something like this?

Looks like a Shawl Pin - my LYS carries them and I always seem them at craft fairs or fiber festivals where knitting in a prevalent theme. Most that I see are in the neighborhood of $30.
Check Etsy - I bet someone on there will be selling them.

Cookworm, photos need to be jpgs of no larger than 800x600 to show up.

I agree …it looks like a shawl pin.

I think it looks like a hair doohickey! I’ve had long hair forever and they are made like this, too. Huh, whodathunk?

That’s what I thought too. Might be worth a trip to the store to see if I can find something like this in the hair isle…!

Looky! Got an email from Patternworks: Scarf Thingys! Pricey, huh?

That is gorgeous! I think you might be able to find that closure (yes, under hair accessories or maybe closures) at

I hope this cut and paste works:
look at and search under “hair sticks”

I found tons on ebay searching for “shawl pin”- there are some for 5.99 in that shape.