I e-mailed the knitter with my question, but I’m impatient, so I thought I’d post here, too.

I just finished blocking my Pi shawl. In the process of looking around for help on the technique of putting the edging on, I visited many web sites for pictures and information about the Pi shawl, and came across this site. I really like the closure–practical and pretty–but am wondering where you might get something like this. Am I crazy, or does this almost look like a hair ornament that is doing double-duty as a shawl closure? If so, how clever! If it’s not, where might you get something like this?

I’ve seen a similar clasp on a history program about the middle ages. There are some people on this site who are involved in reinactment and renaissence fairs, maybe they would have an idea where to get something like that. You could also try emailing the blogger.

Not just Ren Faires
but classy places have nice shawl pins too
and better yarn stores, they do a wonderful job and look just wonderful
like a circle pin on a heavy winter jacket


It looks like its from here
Hope it helps!