Closing gap in knitting

I need help understanding a pattern. Making a pair of Fingerless Gloves. They are knitted in one piece and then closed with a mattress stitch. The part I do not understand is row 12. It states, Purl across, closing the gap to form thumbhole. I purled across to the opening for the thumbhole but don’t know what to do to get to the other side. The pattern is Bulky Fingerless Gloves by Tempe Croke. Thanks

Hold the side across the gap in your left hand, move your right hand to your left and put the needle in the stitch, complete the stitch.
Gap closed, just like that. Yep, that’s all, just knit it (or in this case purl it).

Note: I like to use a safety pin or an openable stitch marker to help keep the former gap from stretching that stitch until there are a few rows to help hold it.

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Thanks for prompt reply. Forgot to say I am using circular needles.

Figured it out…Thanks!