Closed Stitch Markers

:shrug: Make no sense to me. There is no way to remove them after placing other than snipping them off. I think I’ll go back to using paperclips… :x:

if you use a closed marker (closed ring) you put them on the needle, and slip them every time you come to them. when you get near the end, or like at the top of the crown of a hat, and you’re close to finishing, then you slip them off completely, and don’t ‘lock’ them in place…

you might do better with split ring (aka ‘open’) types that come off easier, and can be used either on the needle, or wrapped around individual stitches.

this might help you:

:hug: Thanks! Now I feel a bit silly. :aww:

you’re very welcome, and don’t feel too silly. we all start somewhere - just look at some of my crazy first posts on here! :slight_smile: