Closed Increase?! OMG - Please help

I am working a Debbie Macomber “Alix’s Lace Prayer Shawl”. I am using #10 needles and cottontots yarn. It is to be for my SIL’s wedding and needs to be completed by the 12th - YIKES, almost there. I was reviewing the ending border and this is the direction that I came across:

“Work in seed stitch to the center back stitch, work a closed increase by making a half-hitch on your needle with your working yarn, k1, work a closed increase, work in seed stitch to the end.”

OMG - I actually consider myself an intermediate knitter until I got to this and sat looking dumb-founded! Please help me.

Just so you know the pattern, started on one side and then has a “back bone” up the center and then the pattern is repeated on the other side. The back bone was worked as a knit stitch all the way up the shawl.

Thank you in advance.
Ashley :zombie: :noway:

That’s the same as a backward loop CO or inc. A YO would make a hole - open - this makes it with less of a hole or closed.

you can also search for an EZ (elizabeth zimmerman) make one

i love this increase and use it all the time