Close-up of world's fastest knitter

I came across this close-up and thought it would be interesting to see how Miriam Tegels, the world’s fastest knitter, (118 stitches in one minute) holds the yarn and needles -

It makes the way I knit seem a bit less weird, as she stabilises the right needle under her arm.

Click on the photo and it will enlarge

The second link gives further details of speed challenges.

Happy Knitting

I thought the way I knit might be considered strange too until I saw a picture of someone doing the same thing. I stabilise the right needle on my leg!

I too use my leg…I’ve tried the under tha arm position but it seems to bring my knitting way too close, even with 14" needles.

Did anybody else see that Miriam Tegels won the World’s Fastest knitter by knitting 118 stitches in one minute?! :passedout:


I was curious about this lady, so of course I went to You Tube! Check her out while knitting!


That certainly doesn’t look relaxing to me. I don’t see the point in speed knitting unless you’re in a contest or something. If she’s happy it’s all good though. Bet she can start all her holiday gifts in December and still have time to wrap them. :teehee:

Ok…but how does she do it when she knits with circulars? :shrug: