Close Call

I had to cast on 220 stitches tonight. Well…I got to 215 and had about 4 in. of thread left. I SQUEAKED out 4 more stitches but that was all I could get. I’ll just go a little ways and do some sort of secret increase. I surely didn’t want to start over.

Ack…yeah, that’s always a risk when you cast on a lot. One thing you can do is to use two skeins (or both ends) to cast on. Just tie the two ends together and use that as the ‘slip knot’ if you’re doing long tail. Then you won’t run out.

Jan, when you are finished with the cast on, do you just clip one thread and continue to knit along with the other? That is such an ingenious little hint. I would have NEVER thought of it.

Yep, just cut the thumb strand and knit with the other.

Sue answered your question. :thumbsup: I didn’t think up this idea on my own, but kudos to whoever did because it IS a great idea.

:thumbsup: GREAT idea Jan! It’s much better than the one I heard about casting on 10 stiches and measuring the yarn it takes and then doing math! yick! lol