Clogs, Socks and Slippers

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrchid] I finally have conquered the Fiber Trends Clog. :happydance:The knitting is easy, but following the pattern was a pain. I typed out the size I was using, left the document in the computer and delete each step as I go along. It sounds slow, but it’s much faster than frogging back to a life line!

I made one clog in a day rather than two in the three days of sitting in the frog pond the last pair took!

In addition to the clog yesterday, I worked on my Mickey Mouse sock from Knitivity’s Rodentia yarn. I decided a black afterthought heel and black toes would look really great on these. I’ve got a few more
inches left on the foot. Then I’ll add the heel, finish off the toe
and CO on the next one. At the rate I’m going I’ll have one pair to wear in the park on Halloween and can knit and take silly pictures of another pair while I’m there!

Also finished up a pair of slippers to be fulled for my grandson or granddaughter depending on how they full!

Pics on my blog.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

:happydance:Great job!! I like the mickey mouse colors…:thumbsup:

Looks good!

[SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver]Yahoo blogs = :eyebrow2:

Great job. :thumbsup: